About Us


Portuguese wholesalers and distributors get profitability with logistics operations that respond to sudden changes, handing always out the right product, in the right quantity, delivering it to the right place at the scheduled time.


We are always focused in delivering the best solution, having the right professionals and equipments to better respond to our customers needs.


1. Commitment
I am totally committed to achieving that which I pledge to do. I identify myself
with the Mission and Culture of ENTREPOSTO LOGÍSTICA and I am fully committed
to the success of ENTREPOSTO LOGÍSTICA, our current and future team, and our

2. Responsibility
I am fully responsible for my actions and their consequences, and I have control over all
that happens to my work and to me. I am responsible for the results of what I do
and I believe that, if I want change, I will have to be the first to change.

3. Integrity
I will always tell the truth. I will not make a promise that I know I cannot keep. I will only agree
to what I intend to fulfil. I will assume responsibility and inform all interested parties
of any breach commitment and I will immediately clarify regarding any
breach of commitment that may have occurred.

4. Excellence
I am fully aware that complying with what has been agreed will not be enough for me. I will always deliver
to clients exceptional services that will overcome their expectations and
add value to all the interested parties. I try in every circumstance to do
more with less and to permanently seek continuous improvement and innovation.

5. Communication
I will never speak of colleagues, my team,
our clients, or ENTREPOSTO LOGÍSTICA in a wrong or contemptuous manner. I will be polite and greet
everyone. I will not lecture anyone in public, and I will only discuss
disagreements with any member of the team in private.

6. Success
I will apply all my energy, focus, knowledge, and actions in performing my
tasks well. I want to be successful and hope that others are as well. I want to be
a winner.

7. Knowledge
I learn from my mistakes. I am committed to a permanent learning process
for myself and others by sharing my theoretical knowledge
and best practices with all.

8. Teamwork
I belong to the team. I will do whatever it takes to maintain team cohesion and
to achieve all its goals. I am totally flexible and available to change whenever
I cannot achieve the expected results. I will seek help whenever I need and
I will help others when they ask.

9. Work procedures
I will always analyse procedures in order to get to the solution. I will always look first at the
procedures before adjusting people. I will follow procedures until they are changed.
I will make suggestions for improvement whenever appropriate.

10. Consistency
I am consistent in my behaviour so that all those who interact with me,
clients or members of the team, feel confident when they are talking to me. I am
disciplined so that I will continue to have results and success.