Entreposto Logística uses the WarePack Pro, vs3PL solution, specially designed for logistics operations, which is known for its performance adaptability to diverse types of operations, with differentiated characteristics and with all the advantages of space and task optimisation, which allows for the development and performance control of processes without the need for IT know-how.

Its features include a wide range of processes:

  • Communication with client's ERP, through EDI, XML, TXT, etc;
  • Use of bar codes or internal references in all tasks;
  • Use of optical scanners, voice picking systems or RFID;
  • ASN's integration through EDI/XML or the manual loading of supplier orders;
  • Client order integration through EDI/XML or manual loading;
  • Serial number track and trace;
  • Inventory management: FEFO, FIFO, LIFO, on request, etc;
  • Optimisation of occupied space;
  • Stock status: quarantined, for abatement, blocked, etc;
  • Automatic printing of documents and shipping labels;
  • Complete record of tasks performed;
  • Inventory counts: total, partial, per article, per lot, etc;
  • Standard or customised reports;
  • Contingency operation.

Web Module

Client's Front End

  • Access and authorisation management both for users and clients of the logistics platform;
  • On-line information on stock, entry and exit of vehicles;
  • On-line monitoring of packages status and requests;
  • View of master files (articles, entities, etc.);
  • Summary analysis, reports and graphs' activities.

Central Administration

  • Access and authorisation management on a client basis;
  • Central management of reports.


  • 100% web based;
  • Internet, Extranet, VPN, HTTPS, local or remote installation.


Capacity for interaction with different systems through the integrated interfaces (ERP or Equipments - e.g. voice, BI, etc.)

Automatic or manual export and import of files in different formats:
Example of files: txt, xls, dbf, xml, ODBC, etc.

Embedded interfaces with optical reading devices for system operations (in online operating mode with the use of radio frequency terminal or in asynchronous operating mode with the use of batch terminals).

Automatic or manual interfaces with other management systems (AS/400, Windows, etc.)


Inventory control and management by the vehicles owners is ensured through a specific module allowing:

  • On-line control of inventories by owner;
  • Inventory management (multiple Counts, inventory teams, inventory zones, etc.);
  • Usage of optical reading devices in inventories;
  • Discrepancy analysis in inventories;
  • Space and occupation management;
  • User productivity analysis.