Entreposto Logística's fundamental objective is to provide services for logistics chain management which add value to our client's operations, through the reduction of their operating costs, by freeing up resources, and allowing them to focus on their business, thereby assuring a consistently  high level of service. In short, the goal is to contribute, through an efficient logistics operation, to the reinforcement of their competitiveness.

We have a long history of experience in demanding and rigourous logistics activities, and our business management follows the best business practices, supported by the knowledge and experience of our staff and by constant technological development which allows us to study the best solutions to meet our clients' needs.

We strive for a differentiated position to that of the competition:

  • We are a medium-sized operation.
  • With experience in highly complex logistics chain management.
  • With a track record revealing competence with clients and businesses known for demanding high levels of precision in their logistics chain (automotive sector).
  • Ensuring rigourous fulfilment of the (contracted) operational levels, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • With operational integration both upstream and downstream of the supply chain, synchronising all the required needs.
  • Assuring quick reaction and execution.
  • Operational flexibility and adaptability for new types of models and procedures.
  • Investment in the certification of processes through the implementation of mechanisms for quality control management.
  • With a privileged location offering optimum geographical coverage, ensuring easy, fast and diversified accesses.
  • Unique infrastructures, with opportunity for the continued growth of the activity (around 115,000 sq metres of gross area).
  • Possibility for the complete integration of any company's activity in our logistics park.
  • Ensuring a competitive operational cost, ultimately contributing to the strengthening of the client's operational performance.