Our location guarantees an optimised geographical coverage, ensuring easy, fast and diversified accesses, by:

  • Truck - Via the A2 and the A12
  • Train - Multimodal terminal
  • Ship - Port of Setúbal

fostering an Iberian approach to the market, due to the fact that we are at the closest access point to both the Spanish Extremadura and Andalusia.

Our location allows us to offer unique, competitive solutions for Iberian-sized operations, taking into consideration the geographical advantages of our Setúbal platform.

Below, you can find maps with a comparison of the distances to the centre of the Iberian Peninsula (Madrid), via two options - Setúbal and Barcelona. These illustrate the advantages of our location for Iberian coverage operations, considering dual access to the central market of this geographic area.

Estrada Vale da Rosa, Nº 119
2910-845 Setúbal

  • General 265 729 850
  • Fax 265 739 910